New partnership brings God’s Word to Afghanistan

By June 28, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — The world may have turned its back on Afghanistan, but the Lord is still working there. Biblica CEO Geof Morin says, “When you think of Afghanistan, think of the book of Acts. Think of believers moving through persecution but watching miracles unfold.”

Hope remains despite incredibly challenging circumstances. The economy is nonexistent; more than half of the population relies on international aid to survive. Last week, an earthquake near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border killed over 1,100 people.

Dari Bible
(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

Afghans tell Heart4Iran that God has forgotten them. But Heart4Iran and Biblica are teaming up to prove it’s not true. Working together, they’re finding ways to smuggle Dari New Testaments to Christians inside Afghanistan.

Listen to the entire conversation here on Heart4Iran’s new podcast, Impact32.

The ministries use a fascinating approach. “It’s called the ‘reverse rat tail.’ The ‘rat tail’ [describes] how illegal goods move back and forth across borders. It’s a weedy, dodgy way to get through,” Morin says.

“We call it the ‘reverse rat tail’ because I don’t want to bring people into destruction. I want to bring them hope. I want to bring them into redemption.”

Pray the Lord will give leaders wisdom and creativity as they plan delivery routes and methods. Help support the project financially here.

“We can’t just walk up to the border and say, ‘we’d like to bring in this big box of Bibles,’” Morin says.

“[We will use] whatever means necessary to get the hope of the Gospel to places where it would not be allowed. On the back of a mule, hidden inside a suitcase, sometimes you can shuttle alongside some cargo that’s moving other ways.”



Header and story images courtesy of Heart4Iran.

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