New partnership expands ministry to change the world

By January 12, 2009

International (MNN) — GodTube and Buckner International recently announced a multi-faceted partnership that will launch awareness of their strengths. has become the largest Christian social network in the world. Buckner has the mission and outreach on a global scale. The partnership was launched at the end of 2008, and the idea is to expose the vision of kingdom building to more people so they can get involved, too.

People who are well-known can use their recognizability to bring attention to causes and encourage people to action. Their message can be shared quickly via social networking.
Case in point: the partnership kick off.

Last month, GodTube and Buckner International hosted Grammy-award winning Christian music performing artist Michael W. Smith on a tour and mini-concert at Buckner's Center for Humanitarian Aid.

"This is a great place," Smith told volunteers after his tour. "This kind of stuff changes the world. It's always been my hope, my dream and my prayer that if the church at large would do what you're doing, then the world would change."

In addition to Shoes for Orphan Souls, Buckner also provides adoption services, foster care, residential care, retirement, transition ministries, Camp Buckner, church and community services, and global initiatives. reaches well over 2 million unique visitors a month, with over 30 million page views and maintains over 500,000 registered users. Together, they can change the world in the name of Christ. Click here for more details on how you can be involved.

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