New President is an answer to prayer for Ukrainian believers

By March 8, 2005

Ukraine (MNN) — It’s been four months since the election in Ukraine brought its people into the streets in protest. So far, Christians are encouraged by the change in leadership.

Todd Marshall is a missionary with CB International based in Kiev. “Ukraine has always been somewhat of the Bible belt of the former Soviet Union. There’s actually more believers in the Ukraine than the rest of the former Soviet Union put together. And, there (are) probably more believers in Ukraine than in any other country in Europe.”

Marshall is working in partnership with Realis (The Research Education and Light Center) Ministries to break down the walls between the secular and the sacred in that country. Marshall says this is an incredible time in Ukraine’s history because President Victor Yushchenko is doing more than giving ‘lip-service’ to religious freedom. “The President has been working to eliminate the ministry of religion, which has kept so many churches and ministries under its thumb for so many years. And when asked why, he said, ‘The State has no business in the affairs of the church and the church has one head and that is Jesus Christ her Lord.'”

Marshall says he also did something unthinkable. “He also put an evangelical Baptist as head of the former KGB. This organization persecuted and hounded churches for dozens of years and now there’s a true God-fearing evangelical who is in charge.”

While Ukraine has vanished from world headlines, the change in that nation will have historic spiritual impact, says Marshall. “What’s happening in Ukraine now will affect the future of Eurasia as much as the Reformation affected Europe. It’s a time in history that has never before happened. The revolution was the easy part. Now, the hard part is working day by day and fight corruption in society and challenge believers to take their faith outside the walls of the church and to take it to a society that’s begging for truth.”

The only thing holding back the explosive growth and movement is money. Marshall is asking believers to give generously to help CB International and it’s partnership with Realis.

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