New product line hits Family Christian’s shelves

By October 13, 2016

USA (MNN) — Family Christian has introduced a new children’s product line to its stores, but what makes it different from all the others? Well, it’s inspired by a kid, for kids.

An Inspiring Story

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian)

(Photo courtesy of Family Christian)

The ‘Small But Mighty‘ product line came to life after Family Christian members came home from a missions trip to the Dominican Republic, where they were inspired by a youngster.

“On a mission trip where we had a bunch of members from our Family Christian corporate office, we went to the Dominican and they were building homes and doing some work there,” Jenn Makowski with Family Christian explains.

“And there was a little boy named Miguel who was just really inspirational and just hanging around the group and if they needed water, he would fetch it for them. If they needed a tool, he would be the first one there to hand it to them.”

Miguel wore a dirty white shirt and old jeans along with a self-made cape. Like the product’s tagline, though, Miguel was small, but mighty. Many times when the Family Christian crew would become tired or discouraged, Miguel would encourage them and cheer them on to their finish. Even as a kid, he was impacting these adults in very big ways.

‘Small But Mighty’

Yet, all of this encouragement came from a little kid with practically nothing but a cape, proving you don’t have to be big or have a lot to make an impact. And now, his impact is carrying on through Family Christian’s ‘Small But Mighty’ product line for kids by encouraging them in their faith.

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian via Facebook) "Small But Mighty" products including a: • Blue Wall Art • Dome Hamper • Red Pillow • Blue Throw Blanket (Give Away has ended.)

(Photo courtesy of Family Christian via Facebook)
“Small But Mighty” products including a:
• Blue Wall Art
• Dome Hamper
• Red Pillow
• Blue Throw Blanket
(Give-away has ended.)

“This line, although inspired by Miguel, we wanted to make sure it also had true sentiment back to the Bible and back to Jesus, and that there were really faith components to inspire these little kids as well,” Makowski shares.

“So it was important that we had Bible verses and different things referenced onto the product as well as the tagline. You know both, ‘Small But Mighty’ and also, ‘Use Your Powers For Good.’”

Inspired by Miguel’s cape, the products have a comic-book feel to them in both color and design.

The brand’s idea centers around reinforcing kids’ personal, superhero strength they have through their faith, and that they too can do great things, just like Miguel. A part of the product line’s inspiration is also derived from Matthew 28:20.

Encourage Kids Too

You never know what God might do when you encourage kids in their faith through the ‘Small But Mighty’ line at Family Christian stores. And how the encouragement can help kids inspire others.

Another way to encourage kids is through prayer. So please, pray for children everywhere to realize the strength they have in Christ and the inspirations they can be to others.

Pray also for kids like Miguel, who have little but give a lot. And finally, pray for this brand to successfully encourage kids in their faith and to remind them, they may be small, but they are definitely mighty in Christ.

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