New program at The Lighthouse targets nicotine addictions

By May 24, 2023

USA (MNN) — United States lawmakers block the Food and Drug Administration’s efforts to use federal funding for tobacco restrictions. The FDA wants to ban menthol and set a maximum nicotine level in cigarettes, goals outlined in June 2022.

Tobacco use is the top preventable cause of death in the U.S. Most smokers want to quit, but fewer than one in ten succeed.

“Quitting nicotine is very difficult,” Brandon Bower of The Lighthouse says.

“I have people who say quitting hard drugs is easier than quitting nicotine.”

Smoking traditional cigarettes isn’t the only concern. Nicotine is available in several forms, and each one is potentially dangerous.

Whether “we’re smoking, chewing, or vaping, we’re opening chemical pathways for addiction. As addiction gets its foothold, other things can creep in,” Bower says.

“When we introduce things not designed by God to be introduced into our body, it creates addictive tendencies, and then the temptation is there to pull our sinful hearts into more.”

Celebrating milestones at The Lighthouse!
(Photo courtesy of The Lighthouse)

The Lighthouse is starting a new Bible-based program to help people overcome nicotine addictions.

“We have a 28-bed center for guys who struggle with addiction,” Bower says. Learn more about The Lighthouse here.

“We do biblical counseling, and we have support groups. Smoking addiction classes will be added to our [existing] programs, and everyone who comes in will also be assessed for smoking dependence.”

Pray that individuals who’ve never heard the Gospel will come to know Christ through The Lighthouse’s programs. Ask the Lord to connect The Lighthouse with people who need His help to overcome addiction.

“We can really use prayer,” Bower says.

“If everyone that listened to this broadcast [or read this article] prayed for us as we’re working with people [who have] deep life-altering struggles, I think the power of prayer could change lives.”




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