New project helps Spanish-speaking believers grow in Christ

By August 9, 2021

International (MNN) — In 2014, odds were pretty good that someone in the United States owned a Bible – one in 1.1, to be exact. With hundreds of Bible apps and more people consuming information online these days, it’s no surprise to find print Bibles and Christian books lying forgotten on dusty shelves.

Mission Cry has a noble purpose – collecting gently-used Bibles and Christian books in the United States and shipping them to believers overseas who have none. More about that here.

What about believers who desperately need resources like these, but they don’t know English? “We’ve sent $395 million of used Bibles and Christian books in English to 177 nations around the world,” Mission Cry President Jason Woolford says.

“One of the areas we can’t send those to is Mexico, but we’re changing that now because the need is so great.”

To meet increasing requests for Spanish materials, Mission Cry created the Christ Spanish Bible. “It’s the New Testament, [and] has the plan of salvation in the front. The back has a discipleship program; everything from starting off your life to leaving a legacy of the Lord,” Woolford says.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

“We’ve created it, produced it, and [can] get it into the hands of someone for $2 per Bible.”

Mission Cry completed work on the Christ Spanish Bible just in time. Believers in Guadalajara, Mexico, wanted 25,000 copies, and the requests keep pouring in. “The requests are greater than what really anybody can handle,” Woolford says.

Help Mission Cry send more Spanish Bibles to believers in Mexico.

“Whatever you’re going through, you know that the Word [of God] is the only thing that doesn’t return void. As a believer, you go straight to the Word because it’s the only thing that you have,” Woolford says.

“There’s people around the world [who] don’t have that, and you can give it to them for $2. I’m asking you, in the name of Jesus, to sponsor one, ten, 100, [or] 1,000 of these Bibles so we can get [them] to our brothers and sisters around the world. As you do, I pray God’s radical favor on you.”



Header image depicts Psalm 23 in a Spanish Bible. (Photo courtesy of Tim Wildsmith/Unsplash)