New recording studio will be crucial with growing desire for God’s Word

By March 1, 2012

Mozambique (MNN) — The demand for the Word of God in Mozambique is overwhelming.

Most Mozambicans are war-torn and poverty-stricken. The hope of the Gospel is striking a significant chord with many as they hear the Good News. And they do indeed need to hear it: over half of the population cannot read.

For the last several months, Audio Scripture Ministries has taken on the feat of building a recording studio in Xia Xia. The studio will allow ASM to make available more translations of God's Word in audio for the people of Mozambique.

The studio is not finished, but the demand for audio Bibles continues to gain momentum in the country. With every new recording and new area visited, the number of requests grows. ASM recently reported that the team in Mozambique is now receiving requests for thousands of audio Bibles every month.

And it's not just audio players that are being requested. Many are crying out for entire new recordings. The ministry was recently approached to record the New Testament in the Ndau language of central Mozambique.

The influx in requests elevates the importance of the new studio, but it sure means more work. The new studio is already in the process of registering with the national government, which will allow them to work in more areas of Mozambique. More than that, they're in the middle of a building project. Now requests for more audio Bibles add to the list.

It is certainly a welcome dilemma, though. ASM has been able to continue recording at their old studio during the building process and has continued to distribute audio devices to play the Scriptures.

Pray for wisdom and strength for the staff as they work hard in this busy season. Pray that they will be able to keep up with the requests for audio Bibles, and that the Lord would use His Word to transform the nation.

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