New resource hub offers practical solutions

By July 14, 2021

USA (MNN) — It’s one thing to know you have a problem to solve. Figuring out how to solve it is another issue entirely. Set Free Ministries’ latest development offers help.

It arose from a common challenge in prison outreach.

“The idea started with a chaplain that’s a friend of mine. His name is Harry, and Harry works with individuals coming out of jail and prison. They would contact him and he would spend hours chasing down housing, food, bus passes, you name it,” Set Free’s Ministry Advancement Director Pete Noor explains.

“Harry became a little bit frustrated because there was no concise listing of pertinent resources that could help him. So, he decided to start this ‘hub.’”

By partnering with Harry and a volunteer named Anna, Set Free began its own “resource hub” specific to freedom ministry.

“There are all kinds of resources out there, but we wanted to have one on our website targeted towards issues [the] individuals we minister to are struggling with: addiction recovery, grief support, faith communities; we have family support, health care, living needs, and mentoring,” Noor says.

“It’s been fun working on this together to [discover] resources that people here in West Michigan [can use], and we’ve referred people from other states, too.”

Need some help problem-solving? Check out Set Free’s resource hub here!

“It’s been a great thing so far, and we’re adding to it all the time,” Noor says.



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