New satellite TV program reaches women in Iran with the Gospel

By September 8, 2020

Iran (MNN) — Despite strict rule the Gospel continues to spread in Iran through Christ-centered programming on satellite TV. Beginning this month, Not Forgotten, a division of Uncharted Ministries, is joining Iran Alive Ministry to provide Gospel-focused programming directed toward women.

Iran Alive reaches between six and eight million viewers daily, but most of the content is geared toward men. JoAnn Doyle with Not Forgotten says, “Unfortunately, they have some programs that are sort of for women, but nothing that is specifically geared toward women in the vein of teaching them [women] about who Jesus is, discipling those who have come to faith in Christ, and then training the leaders.”

Programming targeted at women is crucial because the number of transformed lives keeps growing. Before COVID-19, Iran Alive was hearing from between 200-250 people a month who said they had come to Christ through the programming.

However, responses have boomed during COVID-19. Now, there have been 2500-3000 people every month indicating they’ve begun a new relationship with Christ. Many of these new Christians are women.

Showing, Discipling, Training

Not Forgotten hopes that targeting programming will help women grow in their faith and step into the leadership roles that many have had to assume in the Church. The programs will continue to reach out to post-Islamic women, frustrated by religion – but it will also reach out to women who are already Christians.

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Doyle explains that there are no public Churches in Iran, and only 1% of Christians there have access to an underground church. She continues, “So for most Christians in Iran, the only place they get training, the only place they get discipleship is through these online programs or through these broadcasts.”

Lastly, it will help train up women who have been thrust into leadership roles in their local churches. With so many new believers, many mature Christian women are needed to lead newer believers. Doyle says, “Our goal is going to be reaching all three of those women and creative ways in fun ways, helping them to know that they are not forgotten by the world.”

“Prayer is the work of Missions.”

For the next year, Not Forgotten will provide one show that will air five times per week. The plan is in place, but Doyle emphasizes that what they need most of all is people who are committed to praying for Iranian women.

“Pray for these dear men and women trapped in a country that is so closed but yet they are so longing – number one to be free, but number two to know the truth that will set them free.”

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