New series to raise awareness of persecuted Christians

By May 27, 2010

USA (MNN) — Across the globe, more than 100 million individuals face unwarranted arrest, imprisonment, beatings, torture and execution in restricted countries. What is their crime? They are followers of Jesus Christ.

In the U.S., people rarely hear and see about the plight of these Christians on television, and many do not realize these individuals face death almost daily. Christian Newswire said they are nearly invisible to most Americans.

However, Open Doors USA is seeking to change this through their new television documentary series, "Undercover with Persecuted Christians." As they raise awareness, the series will allow viewers to get up close and personal with these suffering believers and understand the trials they endure.

Scheduled to air on June 2 at 8 pm EST on Cornerstone TeleVision, the pilot episode is an intimate conversation with Iraqi Christians, who share their experiences and profound faith.

Carl Moeller, president and CEO of Open Doors, anchors the show, using his expertise on the persecuted church and traveling to various restrictive countries around the world to gather footage.

Moeller told Christian Newswire, "I believe now is the time for people in the West to listen to the stories of persecuted Christians so that believers will be inspired by their faith, be better informed of their situation, and unite in prayer and advocacy for them. That is the real purpose of going around the globe to tell their stories."

For later air dates of the pilot and future episodes, and to learn more about this documentary, visit

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