New tools boost missional opportunities amidst soaring fuel costs

By July 14, 2008

International (MNN) — Raising funds for short-term missions
trips is not easy nowadays, as fuel prices skyrocket amid the economic
downturn. Buckner International offers
wonderful tools to raise funds for trips near and far. 

Buckner International has launched a new Web site, which "provides people with a virtual
fundraising campaign," said Ronne Rock, Buckner Marketing Director.

"They can share where they're going, they can share pictures
of their destination, share their heart's passion, and encourage friends and
family to donate and then share that message with other friends," Rock
said.  "So, that single person's passion
for ministry can be shared with an entire community online."

Buckner's short-term missionaries will begin using the Web site this year. Four missions trips
will be ministering to orphans during the Christmas season. 

"We anticipate those planning to go on trips with us this
year using that fundraising tool to make sure that they're able then to give
themselves as a Christmas present to those orphans," Rock said. 

Many Americans feel they must travel to places like Russia or Africa to minister, she said, but
there are many opportunities to serve in places like Mexico or the U.S.-Mexico

"That provides people a wonderful opportunity to serve, to
still minister as Christ calls us to do, but in a much more cost-effective way
with the economic climate the way it is." 

Even those unable to go on a trip themselves can be a part
of God's work by donating to other missions trips, equipping and empowering
others to share the Gospel.  

"I really believe we are called to give ourselves away,"
Rock said. "We could send Gospel tracts
to other countries. We could even send the humanitarian aid that we provide.
But nothing will deliver the Gospel message more than an individual who is
impassioned about Christ, going and spending time with those children." 

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