New translation of Chinese Bible to be released

By May 17, 2012

China (MNN) — English Bible translations have made it easier for average Christians to understand God's word. The way English was written and spoken 200 years ago is far different than the way it's written and spoken today. Languages evolve. That's what has happened with Chinese, and Biblica is doing something about it.

"Biblica has come out with a new version this last year," says Biblica's East Asia Director. "We call it the Chinese contemporary Bible. It's a modern translation near to the NIV English Bible, using similar philosophy of translation."

The director says there's a reason this translation is needed. "The church Bible, that the church has been using, [was translated] in 1919. But, because the language has been changing and especially the last 50 years there's been a lot of changing of the language — the culture has changed. Therefore many word [have] become archaic."

Many Chinese people have come to Christ. While that's good news, cult groups have formed because of the the lack of trained leaders and a translation of Scripture the average person can understand. The director says this Bible is especially designed for young people. "This is for them to easily access and understand. And, the new Christian can use this translation for their Bible study and their own private devotions."

In the meantime, Biblica has a goal of printing 180,000 new Contemporary Chinese Bibles. Your gift of $10 will purchase four Bibles for Chinese Christians. Support Biblica's work by clicking here.

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