New trends in missions sees boomers on the field.

By January 31, 2006

International (MNN)–America’s four million baby boomers are set to rewrite the rules over the coming decade.

As a whole, the group is not retiring to inactivity in their later years. In fact, Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s President, Jerry Rankin says there’s an interesting development in the sociology of the Baby Boomer generation.

“We’re seeing a reverse trend. We had a great influx of missionaries in the 20 years post-World War II (who) have now reached retirement. Our actual retirement rates have been greatly reduced in the last 10-15 years.”

But Rankin also says this next group of missionaries really want to invest their lives in something significant. “It is just a passion that is needed in our world today and it’s kind of an attitude of ‘whatever it takes.’ I’m seeing God raising up a new generation of those who are going to finish the task.”

Southern Baptists now have mission opportunities throughout the world. He exhorted the new workers to seize them.

In addition to that, Rankin explained that the missionaries will encounter struggles of a new language, a new culture, religious resistance, discouragement from trials and loneliness, not to mention the temptations of pride and personal comforts.

This is what makes prayer essential to the continued growth, noting that sometimes the missionaries’ faith will be tested by doubts. Please pray for the teams as they continue their work, that they would believe God’s promises even when there isn’t visible fruit.

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