New Web site game educates and challenges children about poverty

By May 25, 2009

USA (MNN) — Compassion International recently created a new way to inform children about poverty and cultures all around the world.

Through their new interactive online game for kids, “Quest for Compassion,” they want kids not only to learn about customs, facts and the challenges many people around the world face, but to also have fun while they do it.

According to Compassion, “This new Web site offers a unique curriculum supplement for parents and teachers by allowing their children and students to 'travel' to several developing countries where they can meet children of other cultures and see firsthand the poverty that many have to live with on a daily basis.”

Mark Hanlon, senior vice president for Compassion International-USA, hopes the online journey will be safe and fun for kids and also serve as an educational tool for parents, teachers and anyone else.

“It’s my hope that through this Web site, children will learn more about God’s heart for the poor and that they themselves will realize the power of prayer for those in need,” said Hanlon.

If interested in introducing a kid in your life to the game or supporting Compassion, visit their website.

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