NewGenerations church-planting initiative

By June 13, 2008

International (MNN) — NewGenerations International, a
division of CityTeam Ministries, will hold its first international fundraising
event on June 14, 2008. 

A celebratory event with an international flavor, "The
Passionate Pursuit of Much Fruit" will focus on church planting efforts in
Africa and Southeast Asia. NewGenerations' ministry in these areas has
already seen dramatic successes — thousands of new church plants and hundreds
of millions of new believers in areas where there had previously been little
response to the Gospel. 

However, "Africa and South East Asia are home to hundreds of millions of
people who unless something radically changes will live and die without ever
having the opportunity to choose new life in Christ," said Harry Brown,
CityTeam's Vice President of International Ministries. 

NewGenerations has trained and equipped dozens of local
African and Southeast Asian Christians to plant churches in a new country or
people group. These committed believers
are only waiting for funding to relocate their families and begin ministry in a
different area. You can help support
indigenous church-planting movements around the world. 

NewGenerations has a vision to plant 3260 more churches and
see 163,000 people come to Christ between July 2007 and December 2008. It has already planted 4,175 churches and
seen 203,500 conversions in 38 different countries since March 2005. 

CityTeam International was launched in 1994 and renamed
NewGenerations International in 2007 to emphasize its focus on disciples
making disciples. Even before the
launch, CityTeam had been involved in youth outreach, drug rehab, family
services, and disaster relief all over the world. 

The ministry developed a strategy of building
self-replicating churches by mentoring and equipping indigenous believers to
disciple and evangelize the lost. The
strategy was first implemented in 1992 among a very difficult people group in North India, and it has resulted in a community of 2
million believers in that area today. 

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