Nicaraguan Christian school struggles to recover after Tropical Storm Alma.

By June 24, 2008

Nicaragua (MNN) — Nearly a month
has passed since Tropical Storm Alma struck Nicaragua. The storm left roughly $40 million in damages
and losses in its wake. 

It also brought heavy rain and
strong winds to the Pacific coast. The
extra rains dropped over Costa Rica, provoking landslides and floods. In many areas, rivers overflowed causing
severe damages to roads, bridges and houses. 

The infrastructure in the region
has been struggling to recover.  Aqueducts
were destroyed and agricultural crops were lost.

Centro Christiano Fraternidad is
a Worldwide Christian Schools' partner in
Nicaragua. Their vision is to make sure
the children have access to a Christ-centered education.

But the community is still
struggling. Nearly half the homes in El
Transito and other villages along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua lost their
roofs.  The school also lost its roof, and repairs
will cost $34,000 dollars. 

Centro Christiano has 130
students and seven teachers. They are trying to rebuild quickly so that the
children's education won't be too disrupted. The local church and the school cafeteria were
still standing, so classes were being divided between the two buildings. 

Click here if you can help them rebuild.


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