Nicobar and Andaman Islands still suffering after the tsunami

By February 15, 2005

Nicobar/Andaman Island (MNN) — The sense of urgency has left news networks around the world, but it’s not leaving those involved at ground zero of the tsunami disaster. Nearly 300,000 people were killed, and millions remain homeless. The Nicobar and Andaman Islands were hit hard, but have been largely ignored.

World Serve Ministries serves persecuted believers around the world, including these islands. World Serve’s President David Hunt. “Some of the islands were completely wiped out. Car Nicobar, nobody even knows yet, because until just recently no foreign NGO’s were allowed there. They say the death toll was as high as 90 percent on some of the islands.

Hunt says he’s been surprised by some of the large groups saying they don’t need any more money. He says it’s not because there’s not enough to do. “We’re hearing from pastors on the ground saying, ‘how do we feed these children, how do we feed these people?’ So, you know, the big guys may have the dollars, but it’s not (in every case) getting down to the level where it’s needed.”

The goal isn’t only to feed, clothe and house these victims, but to lead more people to Christ. Hunt says it happens when they empower the local church to get involved. He says that’s what makes World Serve effective. “Our philosophy is always to work through the church on the ground so when they minister to them, yes, we can all give aid today, but are we going to be there tomorrow? In most cases for organizations, no, but the church is on the ground and our belief is let’s work through the church where we can.”

If you’d like to help World Serve Ministries reach out to the Nicobar and Andaman Islands, go to their web site,, or call in the U-S at 1-888-254-8005.

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