Niger holds constitutional referendum; ministry partners hopeful

By November 1, 2010

Niger (MNN) — Niger went to the polls Sunday in a
constitutional referendum aimed at kicking off a transition to democracy.

A coup d'etat last February removed the president and
installed the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy (CSRD) —  a military regime.

The CSRD hopes the
referendum will launch the return to civilian rule. A presidential election in which the military
will not take part is slated along with parliamentary elections on January 31.

Lee DeYoung of Words of Hope says, "When I last discussed
the upcoming election with our Niger director in September, he indicated that
most Nigeriens view it hopefully and welcome it as a return to normalcy."

WOH has a ministry presence with an outreach of French and Hausa
programming throughout Niger. Their partner, Pastor Sani Nomaou, says, "Nigeriens
love to listen to our programs which encourage change in their daily
lives. Many radio stations send us
requests to begin broadcasting the programs on their airwaves."

Continue to pray for a peaceful transition in the country's leadership. Despite
the uncertainties surrounding significant change in the country, ministry is

Because of the response to the Gospel, the team is looking to
recruit a second French producer as Pastor Sani's duties have increased. He leads both at the Yusufu Garba studio in Maradi and as
president of EERN (Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger). Get more detail here.

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