Nigeria becoming the most dangerous country for Christians

By September 16, 2020

Nigeria (MNN) — Over the past decade, between 50,000-70,000 Christians have been killed by terrorist groups in Nigeria.

That’s not just a number for Mission Cry. Jason Woolford recently talked about a large shipment of Bibles that a local Christian leader asked to be sent to Nigeria.  “He was asking for more of the Word of God for distribution. He lost his wife and his two daughters due to the attacks from Boko Haram and the split-off group as well. And here this guy is actually feeling and going through the loss and the murder of his wife and his two daughters because they were believers in Christ.

“He wasn’t calling and asking us for money or food or water. But instead, he was saying that he needs more [copies] of the Word of God for those that are being maimed or those that have lost their family members. They don’t even have a Bible of their own.”

Mission Cry is sending two shipping containers full of nearly $1 million worth of Bibles. They will arrive in Nigeria around December. The Nigerian Christian leader calls the shipment one of the greatest Christmas gifts his area could have been given.

What is this leader doing now? According to Woolford, “He’s continuing on in the ministry, continuing on into taking Bibles to people, even though it’s very dangerous.” His situation isn’t exactly unique, Woolford says, as many Christian leaders in the country have lost family members to attacks.

How to pray

Pray the government in Nigeria, which has taken very few steps to stop this violence, would change course and see God would bring peace to the country.

Pray also that the shipping containers will reach Nigeria by December. You can come alongside Mission Cry to support more Bibles being sent into Nigeria and other branches of the Church around the globe. Visit their website here.



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