No exams: another institutional failure in Lebanon

By June 26, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Leaders canceled nationwide “Brevet” exams in Lebanon on Wednesday, saying the tests were “not critical.” Students may dream of a decision like this, but the cancellation will likely become another barrier to long-term success.

Traditionally, students have to pass the national exam to enter high school. Now, over 62,000 students will receive a certificate of completion and start high school in the fall – whether they’re ready or not.

Triumphant Mercy Lebanon’s Nuna says the cancellation came as no surprise. “Public schools closed, so kids have not been in school since January,” she says.

“The whole (school) year [was] wasted.”

Triumphant Mercy Lebanon helps children prepare for the future through Christian education and more. More about that here. Now, the ministry is expanding its focus.

(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon)

“We’ve been working with kids [for] education, digital learning; all these things for their future. But this is not enough,” Nuna says.

“They need activities that are not schooling. They need friendships and the joy of being a young person with a life before them.”

Help cover the extra costs associated with expansion here. “We’re opening [our program] up not only for education but summer camp and outings,” Nuna says.

“Having this opportunity to open up a place where they (kids) can be themselves and laugh, shout, is amazing.”

Pray believers can holistically meet the needs of children.

“Christ is not limited to salvation [alone], so it’s not just bringing people to salvation, and that’s it. We have to be there and live life with people,” Nuna says.



Header image shows students who passed Brevet exams thanks to educational support from Triumphant Mercy Lebanon. (Photo courtesy of TM Lebanon)