Nomad interns have incredible impact.

By October 5, 2006

International (MNN) — Book of Hope’s vision is to shape the next generation of missional leaders.

They’re doing that through their Nomad internship program. It’s designed for those who have gone on short-term trips before and are asking “what’s next?” It’s a missions opportunity for those who want to take that next step of missions involvement.

Book of Hope’s Randy Young explains how the definition of nomad fits what they’re trying to do: “A nomad is a member of a people with no permanent home who move about according to harvest and seasons within a well-defined territory. And that definition broken down: ‘a member of a people’ really speaks to this generation’s desire to minister in the context of community. ‘With no permanent home’ speaks of mobility and travel and going anywhere Jesus sends us. ‘Moving about according to the harvest and seasons’ is all about the Great Commission. And ‘within a well-defined territory’ isn’t necessarily geographical; it’s age-level, the territory God has given us is all the children and youth of the world.”

They’re targeting college aged students for the Nomad program, and the potential for impact is great, says Young. What’s important is the long-term effect on the Nomad interns. “It affects career choices, it affects mate choices. It really is about all about getting their lives centrally focused around the Great Commission so that no matter what stream of life, business, education, whatever God has them in, their life is really oriented around the Great Commission and Jesus Christ.”

Within a time frame of as little as five weeks up to one or two years, these Nomads are seeking to build the kingdom of God as the go to various nations all over the world to take God’s Word to children. Young says, “It’s a great way for students to grow their worldview and world vision in the context of learning and in the context of community.”

Not only are the Nomads’ lives being changed and the children they’re reaching out to, but Book of Hope feels the impact as well. “The Nomad program serves Book of Hope by training nationals, by working alongside the national church, by going into areas where we’ve never been before. They pioneer new places and new countries for us, and they’ve served incredibly. And it’s been an incredible blessing for them. We’re seeing students’ lives totally turned upside down for the sake of the Great Commission.”

This year more than 75 Nomad interns worked or are working with Book of Hope. And there are also more than 20 young adults who have given over 2 years to the ministry. Teams have gone into Honduras and spread all across Africa, showing the GodMan film, distributing copies of the Book of Hope, visiting schools, churches and villages to bring the hope of the Gospel.

Book of Hope’s prayer, says Young, is for more laborers. “We’re excited that God is bringing in laborers, but we just need more and more laborers, not just for what they can help us do with BOH, but we love it because we want to just pour everything God’s given to us into them to posture them for a life of service in Christ.”

Young himself has a passion for the rising generation of missions leaders, and he’s excited to see what God is doing in the hearts of the Nomad interns as they develop a passion and heart for God and missions.

For more information on joining the Nomad program, contact Book of Hope using their information listed here.

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