Non-readers can hear the Bible in their own language through audio recordings of Scripture.

By February 11, 2005

India (MNN) — More non-readers in India are being able to hear the Bible in their own language, through the work of Audio Scripture Ministries.

While relief work continues in parts of India hit by the tsunami, WCOI, partners of Audio Scripture Ministries, are making plans to provide 3000 Scripture listening kits to areas hit by the tsunami. Each kit costs $50 (USD) and funding is needed.

Local churches in India are finding their place in reaching non-readers as they help distribute the audio recordings of Scripture. One distribution happened in December through local churches. Pray for those who are hearing the Gospel for the first time in their own language, and pray for the churches as they train and disciple new believers.

Several languages are waiting to be recorded, and Audio Scripture Ministries needs funding to begin those recordings and provide people with their own audio copies of God’s Word.

If you’d like to help provide audio Bibles through Audio Scripture Ministries, call 616-396-5291 or go to their website

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