North Africans brave hostile intent to take audio Scriptures to five people groups.

By October 20, 2004

North Africa (MNN)–The country has recently emerged from United Nations’ discipline, with a look toward cleaning up its humanitarian rights.

And yet, because of hostilities toward Christians, many remain underground. In light of that, Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhoffer says they’re ready to launch a new project in a Muslim-dominated North African country.

This is an area known to be hostile to the Gospel, explains Dudenhoffer, however, the promised harassment hasn’t dimmed vision. “There are some national believers who have caught a vision for the impact that God’s Word can have in the hearts of their people , and have decided to go back into their home countries, with the skills and knowledge how to record Scripture media and will be providing that for their people.”

ASM works with Bible translators, missionaries, and others who recognize the need for scriptures in audio format. Dudenhoffer says they’re seeing a marked interest from five language groups who want to listen to God’s word in their own language. “Most of the material that they get is not in their language. Islam is not communicated, typically, that way. So, when they hear something about God in their own heart language, and when the scriptures are provided, they listen eagerly, although, even there, they have to do it secretly.”

ASM also helps with projects such as leadership training, evangelism, Bible literacy and others. Pray for the team as it engages the ministry in this area, that their faith stands strong in the face of rejection.

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