North American Christian groups unite for a voice for the orphan.

By November 15, 2006

International (MNN)–Christian groups are uniting to bring a voice to the plight of 143 million orphans around the world.

Because the crisis is too big for any one group to handle alone, they are joining forces to make a stronger case for action.

Family Life, Focus on the Family and Shaohannah’s Hope launched the Voice of the Orphan campaign this week. The effort is sponsored by nearly 50 Christian organizations committed to helping the 143 million orphans worldwide.

This campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the need for the North American church to spur fellow Christians to action in helping orphans including consideration adoption.

Coalition member, Bethany Christian Services’ President, Bill Blacquiere (black wire) says they’ve issued a call that requires a ‘do’ response from the church. “We really believe if the Christian community of this world would address the orphan crisis, it could result in organizations like Bethany not needing to be involved anymore because children would be cared for.”

Blacquiere says a like-vision for outreach was a main reason behind the alliance’s formation. “While it’s very important to feed and clothe and care for children, and we support that work, it’s also very important to also do it in the name of Jesus Christ and present the message of salvation.”

Click here if you want to be a part of the orphan care response.

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