North Caucasus the next terror battlefield for al Qaeda?

By May 31, 2011

Russia (MNN) — Even though Osama bin Laden is dead, the al-Qaeda terrorist group may be looking at expanding its war against the West. According to some terrorist experts, al-Qaeda may have its sights set on the North Caucasus region of Russia. One report indicates terrorists in the North Caucasus have been using radical Salafi Islam to recruit disgruntled youth who grew up on the battlefields of the two Chechen wars.

According to the President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba, hide-out evidence has already been uncovered backing up these claims. "Those hiding places were discovered in the mountains and caves there, where they found many training materials — how to bring destruction back to their communities — and also pictures of bin Laden."

The region affected includes: Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, and North Ossetia — countries along the southern border of Russia.

According to Rukhuba, that means there is a spiritual battle underway for the souls of Russia's youth in the region. He says, "That's the strategy for al-Qaeda: to reach out to young people, to brainwash them in all those underground cells, to provide them with all kinds of false philosophies and encourage them to go and bring destruction into those communities."

However, Russian Ministries is countering that message with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Rakhuba says summer is the best time to do this. "We're equipping young people — Next Generation Leaders — who will voluntarily give their time and go out and organize summer camps for children and teenagers and all those Muslim villages and provinces."

The summer camps will begin the second week of June. Rakhuba says, "We are calling this summer a 'Summer of Hope.' That's where children from the turbulent areas and provinces can come and learn about peace, the message of love, and share a story of Jesus. That's how we can defeat terror."

According to Rakhuba, you can help rescue these young people before they're brainwashed by terrorist groups. "Fifty dollars will help to send one poor or needy child to summer camp and give them an opportunity to hear the story of Jesus. We're praying that God will provide enough resources to send 5,000 needy children to camps this coming summer."

The money provided not only provides room and board for the week, but also gives the kids Christian literature to take home with them. Many of these young people turn to Christ and share what they've learned with the parents. As they see changes in their kids' lives, many moms and dads give their hearts to Christ.

If you'd like to support Russian Ministries 'Summer of Hope,' click here.

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