North Korea delivers new round of threats

By April 12, 2013

South Korea (IMB/MNN) — The world is on high alert as North Korea raised at least one missile into a launch position Wednesday.

The move raised concerns that a launch was imminent. The South Korean military and U.S. forces are on a round-the-clock vigil, since history shows North Korea tends to act in the early morning hours, trying to take observers off guard.

Many experts believe that the level of bellicose rhetoric is merely part of North Korea's provocation-extortion cycle. However, the risk comes because Kim Jung-un is a relative unknown. Pyongyang is trying to build an image at home of Kim Jong-un as a formidable leader. While his father knew just how far to push, experts aren't as confident that Kim won't make a dangerous miscalculation.

Leaders from the G8 group of nations (U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada. and Russia) have condemned North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. British Foreign Secretary William Hague warns that if North Korea conducts another missile launch or nuclear test, "We have committed ourselves to take further significant measures."

Southern Baptist workers in South Korea are calm but alert as they monitor the ongoing tense developments on the Korean peninsula. They and other Christians in South Korea are asking Southern Baptists to join them in praying for this situation.

Pray for wisdom and a calm spirit for the leader of North Korea and his aides and military leaders that they will not start a military provocation. Pray that Kim Jong-un's heart will be changed by God's power so that he will seek peace and the best development for his people and country.

Please ask for President Pak in South Korea that she and her advisors will be wise in any response they make to any threat or act of aggression. Please ask that a spirit of calm and peace will descend on the peninsula so that peaceful talks can be held without any conflict.


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