Nurses Christian Fellowship helps nurses find the intersection of work and faith

By October 2, 2019

USA (MNN) — Nurses Christian Fellowship, an arm of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is one of a kind. It is an organization dedicated to walking alongside nurses and nursing students as they intersect their faith and their vocation. Now that school is back in session, NCF is in stages of new student outreach.

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“This is my favorite time of year…welcoming new students to campus and to their nursing program. It’s our critical time of the year to reach them and welcome them and invite them into Nurses Christian Fellowship. We’ll have tables [and] we’ll have outreach events where students will be inviting them into a community,” Jen Wojtysiak says.

“It’s busy, it’s full. It’s wonderful as we see nursing students take risks for Jesus, and invite their classmates to come and explore who He is, and what it means to be a nurse that follows Jesus.”

Nurses Christian Fellowship

NCF holds regular Bible studies for nursing students as well as for nurses. Nurses deal with a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges daily. NCF provides a space for nurses to rest in Jesus, find community, and prepare for challenging work. But it is also a great place for nurses to look at their work through a Biblical perspective.

“Nursing is a deeply sacred work of caring for [the] body and mind and spirit. But it’s also taxing as they are pouring out physically and emotionally and spiritually. And Jesus can be there with them,” Wojtysiak says.

NCF also provides guidance in areas it knows nursing education lacks, such as spiritual care.

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“We are able to give them resources for spiritual care, which is something that most nurses need to know something about, but there’s actually very little training. And so, we can come alongside them in that way, and provide material and examples that will equip them to care for patients in their time of need, and end of life, and walk alongside them and resource them in that way,” Wojtysiak says.

Join or Support Nurses, Nursing Students, and NCF

Are you a nurse or a nursing student looking for a likeminded Christian community? Then find an NCF group or start your own HERE.

“You can join NCS, which is a membership for students and for nurses, where you’ll receive the award-winning Journal of Christian Nursing. You’ll get free and discounted opportunities for continuing support and care, and you’ll connect with other nursing students and other nurses around the world,” Wojtysiak explains.

(Photo courtesy of Nurses Christian Fellowship)

Not in the nursing profession? Then please pray for Christian nurses. Pray for God to give nurses and nursing students wisdom and strength in Christ. Pray for student leaders and faculty advisors leading NCF groups on campus. Ask God to give these nurses and students encouragement, support, and energy during this busy season.

Also, pray for nursing students to have the courage and confidence to invite fellow nurses to learn about Jesus. Pray for the students and nurses who are saying “yes” to Christ for the first time, too.



Header photo courtesy of Nurses Christian Fellowship.

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