Nursing schools fight off witch doctors in Uganda

By March 3, 2017

Uganda (MNN) — Do you have aches? A fever? Malaria? In Uganda, your prescription is usually the same thing; a visit to the local witch doctor.

Tasos Ioannidis of AMG International said his organization is hoping to change that.

“The medical care in Uganda is very primitive in a lot of places,” he said. One of the most dangerous diseases in Uganda is malaria, a very treatable disease.

“There is one nurse for every 5,000 people in Uganda, so there is a great lack of nursing professionals who can can offer basic medical services in the local villages.”

(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

Students at the new school will be coming from all over the country to participate in a two-year program. “As part of the selection process and the training, we are looking for people who are also followers of Christ,” said Ioannidis.

AMG cares about more than just the medical help. Many believers lament that they don’t have the training to minister to their communities, so the nursing students will get a two-fold education. “We provide both the medical training they need and also give them some practical help as to how to share the love of Christ with people who aren’t interested in the Gospel.”

By giving families an alternative to witch doctors, “we’ll help fight the spirit of darkness that exists today in the country,” said Ioannidis.

The school will open its doors this May, but there are still a few things to take care of.

In addition to financial barriers, “We need people to be praying that God will bring all the the right individuals who will invest in the lives of the students who will come there, so please be praying for personnel.” If you want to help, we can connect you right here.

Ioannidis is thrilled to see the way God will use the new school. “When you can see lives can be saved and patched for this earth and for eternity, that is exciting.”

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