Oasis Conference to run Oct. 22-24

By October 19, 2009

USA (MNN) — Are Muslims becoming followers of Jesus? What
is Islam? Who are the terrorists? How do I share the Gospel with my Muslim
co-worker? Questions like these will be answered at the upcoming Crescent Project Oasis Conference.

"The nice thing about the conference is that it attracts
many Muslims who have become believers in Jesus," says founder and president of Crescent Project, Fouad Masri. "Many of them will be sharing their
testimony, sharing life experiences, and sharing how the Christian community
impacted them and drew them closer to Christ."

Masri says America's
eyes were opened to the Muslim world on September 11, 2001. He hopes the Oasis
Conference will help nurture relationships with the Muslim community by
increasing understanding and knowledge of Muslim culture.

"There is a crisis in the Muslim world. And there are two solutions: we can
either ignore it and have it come at us over and over, or deal with it,"
stated Masri. "Two thousand years ago Christ told us that the situation,
not only in the Middle East but around the planet…is there is sinfulness, there
is murder and there's hate. And the only solution is for people to have a

Held in Indianapolis, Indiana, practical training and
resources will be provided during the 3-day conference. North American
believers will see what God is doing in the Muslim community and how they too can
reach out to their Muslim neighbors. On Friday, conference attendees will visit
a Muslim prayer service.

Christians, we feel the responsibility to take the initiative and show love
to our Muslim neighbor," Masri says. "The community of Jesus is
different. We are to take the Message in love. We go to the mosque to show
love, to show respect, and we want the Christians to hear from Muslims about their
concept of worship."

He asks believers to
pray for the safety of conference attendees, and pray that more churches will come
alongside the Crescent Project in reaching out to the Muslim community.

"Pray for
Muslims," he adds, "not only overseas but also in America, that
somehow maybe they will see a dream of Jesus, or a vision, but that they will start
asking the right questions so they'll experience salvation through

If you're already attending the Oasis Conference, Masri
urges you to prepare by reading Matthew 28 and John 15, and arriving in a prayerful mood. If you're unable to attend, speak with your church about getting taped
conference sessions.

Click here to find out more Oasis Conference details and register
to attend

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