Oasis Hospital construction looking good

By May 30, 2011

United Arab Emirates (MNN) — The Oasis Hospital in the United Arab Emirates is probably best known for its direct influence on drastically lowering the nation's infant mortality rates from 50 percent to under one percent over the last 50 years.

This is quite a feat. The hospital has also helped lower the maternal mortality rate from 35 percent to next to nothing.

The hospital is extremely active in its work with women and children and delivers over 300 babies each month. The staff has delivered well over 83,000 infants over the years, delivering 3,500 annually and treating 112,000 patients each year.

Babies are being born, patients are being healed, and the Gospel is being–however subtly–preached. Government sanctions are tricky, but it's no secret that the staff are believers. The nation has allowed Oasis Hospital to put an Arabic translation of the book of Luke in each room, as well as a copy of the JESUS Film. Patients are free to take the materials and investigate the truths of Christ.

The hospital is thriving in physical and spiritual healing. The problem has been, however, that the CURE International hospital is growing but has no space for expansion. Thousands of people come to Oasis Hospital every year, but the building is fairly old and only has a limited number of rooms.

To continue to expand and reach more people with the love and care of Christ, Oasis Hospital has been in the process of constructing a building for the last couple of years.

In a recent update from Oasis Hospital business director Melissa Hulsey, the announcement was made that walls are going up and the building is coming along quickly. Despite temperatures brushing 115 degrees Fahrenheit, the builders are working diligently to complete the project. Within a year, doctors and patients will be able to move into a brand new, 200-bed, state-of-the-art hospital.

The hospital will continue to serve as a teaching hospital for the UAE medical school, as a blessing to women and children, and as an outreach to people in other nations including Oman and others all across the globe.

Pray for this project to continue to go smoothly and quickly so that Oasis Hospital can assist even more people in Christ's name.

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