Oasis International Ministries sees growth and the spread of the Gospel.

By January 3, 2005

Ghana (MNN) — The work of Oasis International Ministries in Ghana, West Africa, has been growing exponentially the past several years.

People from all walks of life and all positions in class society are brought together to study at the biblical and vocational training center. It’s been exciting to the staff, and also cause for much prayer as the growth has strapped them financially.

But the most exciting thing is that the students are taking initiative to carry the ministry even further than what’s been done already.

Bishop Elvina Miller is with Oasis, “Some of my students came to me and said, ‘Others must know what all we are learning here. Let us, Africans, take the materials you’re giving us, and let us be your missionaries.'”

Bishop Miller is excited about the torch being passed and doors being opened for the Gospel to spread. “[It’s] so fascinating because, as one generation starts fading out, you can see a new generation coming forth. And this is what I am seeing there in Ghana, West Africa.”

Pray for the ministry of Oasis International as they train Christian leaders to spread the Gospel throughout Africa and the world.

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