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By July 17, 2015
ASM_oaxaca technician

Oaxaca technicians
(Photo courtesy ASM)

Mexico (MNN) — It’s pretty obvious when buildings change, but what about individuals?

How do you know if a friend or relative who says they’re a Christian isn’t just faking it?

For Jim Loker with Audio Scripture Ministries, the proof is in the pudding.

“As we see people’s lives change, as we see them coming together into small groups or attending church, we know that God has gotten a hold of their lives. This isn’t just some religion,” says Loker.

He’s referring to the Gospel growth ASM’s ministry is seeing in Oaxaca. The southwestern Mexican state is, in ASM’s words, “a patchwork of indigenous peoples and cultures.”

Reaching Oaxaca for Christ

In Oaxaca, audio New Testaments have been translated into local languages since 2002. The state is home to over 100 languages, and Scripture has been translated into most by Wycliffe Bible Translators.

(Photo courtesy Audio Scripture Ministries)

(Photo courtesy Audio Scripture Ministries)

But, since about one-third of Oaxaca residents are illiterate, it doesn’t make much of a difference whether printed Scripture translations are available or not.

“They really need the Scripture in their heart language if God’s going to speak to them like He wants to,” Loker observes.

Over the years, ASM teams have recorded and distributed audio New Testaments in dozens of Oaxaca languages.

“The vast majority of the people where we work will not read in their mother tongue.”

Right now, ASM is averaging about one recording every several months. A team of 5 or 6 technicians not only record, but promote and distribute the audio files.

Find out how audio Bibles are made.

“For many, many people who receive [these] audio Bibles, they’re hearing God’s Word for the very first time in their own language,” explains Loker.

The seed of God’s Word has been planted, and now it’s starting to grow.

“As people listen, the Word of God really is bringing back some great results.”

Harvest time in Oaxaca

(Photo courtesy Jim and Jamie Loker)

(Photo courtesy Jim and Jamie Loker)

Over the last couple of years, Loker says, more than 1,200 people have received Christ as their Savior. More than 850 have been baptized, and 24 new churches have been planted since Loker’s last visit to Oaxaca.

“God’s Word has taken effect, and as we plant and water, God provides the increase,” he says. “God’s working in their lives, and we’re seeing some great things happen.”

There are a few ways you can help God’s Kingdom grow even more in Oaxaca.


“Pray for people that don’t have access to God’s Word,” Loker asks. Pray for new believers as they grow in their faith and are discipled. Pray for ASM’s team as they work tirelessly to make God’s Word in audio available to all.

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Translation isn’t free, but the Word of God needs to be–especially in a place like this. Can you support the work of ASM? Help ASM provide the Way, the Truth, and the Life by donating a solar-powered audio Bible.


(Photo courtesy Jim and Jamie Loker via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Jim and Jamie Loker via Facebook)

You can see the contents and events of this story first-hand. Contact ASM here to learn how you can join their next trip to Oaxaca.

“We’ve sponsored mission trips; we have several going to Oaxaca in the coming months,” shares Loker.

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