Of buckets, reservoirs, and answered prayer

By March 9, 2015
(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

China (MNN) — Sometimes when you ask God to open the floodgates, you’d better have something bigger than a bucket ready.

At least, that’s been true for Bibles For China. In 2010, Bibles for China recognized the hunger and need for access and availability to Bibles in rural areas. That charted the course for how they’d get it done, legally.

89% of every dollar Bibles for China raises goes to the purchase and delivery of Mandarin Chinese Bibles in-country. The money comes from developed countries (like the United States, Canada, Great Britain and others) and goes to buying $5.00 Bibles printed by Amity Printing Company in China.

The Bibles are openly and legally distributed to rural Chinese Christians at no cost to them through the established churches in China. Bibles for China recruits teams to help verify delivery of the Bibles to these rural church bodies.

In 2010, Bibles For China asked God to open the floodgates. Within three years, Bibles for China verified delivery of over 425,500 Bibles to rural Chinese Christians. Every year has seen more and more requests pouring in. Bibles For China President Wendell Rovenstine describes what happened in their first trip of 2015. “We couldn’t have asked the Lord for more. We really connected with a local community that needs 300,000 Bibles. That went really well.”

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

A team will return to China this month with two board members and two others to complete the distribution plans for 2015 because church leaders are clamoring for more. “They have a tremendous desire to get God’s Word, or at least some sort of Scriptural engagement for the people to have opportunity to know Christ, to live and serve Christ, and then also disciple those that come into a relationship with Christ.”

With partners like these, the energy is building. “The place that we’re going and developing a relationship with: this is a community of believers that has three generations of missionaries or individuals who have been a part of the Church.” So, not only is it about getting the seeds planted, it’s now about cultivating a seedbed of a missions movement. “We’re going this time with Bibles, and we’re taking twice as many Scripture portions, the Gospels of John, and the illustrated Bible booklets that we’re giving to the pastors for discipleship. We’re going to five churches, and they’ve already got the Bibles on site and ready for us when we get there.”

Dealing with fast growth and its logistical challenges, Rovenstine says they’re still asking God to open doors…er, floodgates. “We have three locations, three areas of China that we’ve been really welcomed, and we’re developing other affiliations and other relationships in China.”

Got a reservoir handy?


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