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Published on 28 December, 2010

Oil pipeline leak kills 28; Compassion children affected

Mexico (MNN) — An oil pipeline ruptured last week in San Martin Texmelucan, Mexico. The explosion that followed killed at least 28 people and displaced dozens of families.

Sources say that the oil pipeline, belonging to Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), had a leak which sent crude oil into the streets and into a river. It is yet unknown how the oil ignited, but the resulting flames injured over 50 people, demolished more than 30 homes and damaged over 80, Compassion International reports. (View pictures of the devastation.)

Several reports indicate that thieves may be the culprits of the initial leak. One source says inspections had been performed on the pipeline from 2005 to 2008. No problems were found. Thieves are suspected to have tapped into the pipeline to siphon oil.

Three Compassion-assisted child development centers–ME-741, ME-785 and ME-786–are in the San Martin Texmelucan area. Communication services were affected by the explosion, so information has been delayed.

Compassion has confirmed, however, that some children and their families from ME-785 have been moved to shelter as a result of the pipeline rupture. All children and their families are safe so far.

If your Compassion-sponsored child has been affected by the pipeline burst, Compassion will contact you. Watch for further updates on the situation here.

Pray for safety and a return to normalcy for the Compassion families that have been affected. Pray for all Compassion families and staff to be a light for Christ to the San Martin area as the city mourns the loss of life and possessions. Pray that Christ would use this disaster to build His kingdom.

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