Olympic outreach planned in Russia

By November 20, 2013

Russia (MNN) — In a little more than two months people from around the world will converge on Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympics. Why are we talking about it now? Ministries need prayer as they reach out during the games.

RMI11-20-13Russian Ministries is just one organization that’s planning outreach. Wally Kulakoff with Russian Ministries describes what they’ll be doing. “We’ll be working in 11 major cities of Russia — cities with a million people or more. We are incorporating over 500 churches who want to partner with us — training in those churches, plus the provision of literature.”

Sochi is just one of those cities, says Kulakoff. “The churches are already being mobilized and the churches are being prepared for this once in a life-time event. The churches are praying that God will give them wonderful opportunities.”

Who will be the focus of ministry? Kulakoff says they’ll be, “reaching the people will come to Sochi. Not just the Russian, but the foreigners also, in providing a New Testament in English, and in the Russian language. We’ll also have the Gospel of John just in the Russian language.”

Russian Ministries will also be providing a magazine featuring Palms and the Gospel of John in Russian.

While you may not be traveling to Russia to help share Christ during the Olympics, you can be a part of it in other ways. Kulakoff says, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for the people who are listening, first of all to pray for God’s Spirit to be able to break hard hearts.”

You can also provide funding for the Bibles needed for this outreach. “For $1 they can provide four or five Gospels of John and the Diglot, which is Russian/English New Testament is $2.50. The magazine is $1 a piece. So, each dollar will provide 50 Psalms and the Gospel of John.”

These items will be handed out at Olympic Watching Venues. Churches will purchase cable television and show Olympic events during the day and evening. “And, during the day and evening we’ll have people and our selves, plus the literature available and during the interim, Christians will share testimonies, sing songs, events, plays, puppet shows and then during these commercial periods we’ll be able to give out the magazine, the Gospel of John and the complete New Testament.”

You’re gift of $100 will provide more than 450 Gospel’s of John, 40 Russian/English New Testaments, and 100 Palms/John Magazines.

The deadline to receive all funding is November 30, because Russian Ministries will be going to the printer December 1.

If you can help provide the needed funding go to http://www.Russian-Ministries.org/

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