OM assesses Pakistan flood damage, responds

By October 19, 2011

Pakistan (MNN) — In 2010, flooding affected tens of millions of people across Pakistan. Scores lost their homes and were forced to relocate. After monsoon rains this year, the Pakistani people are left submerged once again.

5.44 million people affected by the monsoon rains, and more than a fifth of those have been displaced, according to Operation Mobilization. Needs assessments have yet to be completed, but more than 9,232 schools have been found damaged as well.

Last year, OM was able to provide a great deal of support and relief to flood survivors, support which has lasted all the way through the year to this most recent catastrophe. OM Pakistan's field leader met with the relief response team and has decided on a number of steps.

This time around, relief services will have to be limited to 415 families, both Christian and Hindu. In one area, two ex-OMers are looking to help with the relief.

Secondly, a veterinarian doctor will be made accessible for animal vaccinations, especially important for affected livestock. A medical team comprising nationals and internationals will also be provided to help alleviate the physical suffering and disease. This includes the provision of mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of malaria. 300 families have already received nets, as the distribution has now begun.

The ministry is also providing temporary shelters, including tents.

Provision for children is of particular importance. In a local Christian boarding school of 60 -70 Christian and Hindu boys, all of whom have been badly affected by the flooding, two of the boys said: "We are desperately waiting for water to go out from our ground so that we could play cricket there!"

OM Pakistan continues to develop its response, which will be low-key in comparison with last year's program. Nevertheless, the Gospel will go out as always, as believers work side-by-side with Hindus other non-Christians, sharing the truth of Christ with them.

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