OM gives help to Ukrainian refugees

By March 22, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — When Russia first began its invasion of Ukraine, Operation Mobilization had to adjust. Wayne Zschech and his family moved away from the capital Kyiv when the attacks began.

He says, “On the first night, we heard that there was a power station being attacked. That was one of our trigger points, and we moved to the village. It’s meant a lot of coordinating and connecting. We are trying to find safe places so that we can figure out how to help people.”


Photo courtesy of Operation Mobilization.

OM workers take their careers to countries around the world. As they work and live, they build relationships and spread the good news of Jesus.

OM has four permanent locations in Ukraine, including in Kyiv and the port city of Odessa. Wayne and other OM partners are helping refugees as they flock towards the Western border. “We feed them and give them accommodation. We look after them for as long as they want. Generally, that’s one night. Sometimes it’s two.”

This process might last a while. As the invasion has bogged down, Russian forces have settled in for prolonged warfare.

Get involved

The world has been inspired by the courage of the Ukrainian people during the invasion. Ask God to continue to strengthen Ukrainian Christians. Zschech says, “Because we have the hope of Jesus, there is something that we can do to bring hope and stability to people. He is the rock.”

Want to support this work? You can, here.  Zschech says, “Please pray for the civilian corridors people are using to evacuate cities that have been under siege. It’s quite a desperate situation. We have hundreds of thousands of people trapped, and they’re in very vulnerable positions.”



The header photo shows Ukrainian refugees. (Photo courtesy of Operation Mobilization)

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