OM partner group sending doctors, midwives to Afghanistan

By April 13, 2012

Afghanistan (MNN) — While Afghan men are in the midst of a war, Afghan women struggle to find access to healthcare.

A Pushtan proverb claims: "A woman's place is at home, or in the grave." Given this general attitude toward women, 87% of women in Afghanistan are illiterate, and only 30% of girls have access to education, reports Operation Mobilization.

As a result of a lack of education, a negative view toward women and a variety of other factors, Afghan females have a very difficult time getting the healthcare they need.

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, healthcare is bad enough to have placed Afghanistan as #1 for the highest maternal mortality rate, as well as the highest infant mortality rate in the world.

A partner relief and development organization of OM is addressing Afghanistan's maternal and infant mortality rates by providing pre- and post-natal care and midwife training. The team also works with adults and children who are marginalized because they are deaf, visually impaired, or otherwise disabled.

"What we do affects life and death," states OM's partner ministry leader. "The mentally and physically disabled may never leave their house their whole lives, never go to school. We need people here with the heart to stick with it. It's not a picnic. But for professionals, it's easy to get visas. If you want to make a difference in thousands of lives, there's definitely the opportunity in Afghanistan."

Pray for the workers on the ground and for more men and women who will rise to the challenge of caring for the marginalized people of this war-devastated land.

If you are a medical professional who is interesting in being Christ's hands and feet in this significant way, contact OM today.

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