OM ship due to set sail after 9-month wait

By November 21, 2012

International (MNN) — It's been sitting in a harbor in the Philippines since April. That's when the Logos Hope docked to get new generators, but the process has dragged on and on, extended by technical difficulties. As a result, the Operation Mobilization ships ministry had to cancel visits to surrounding ports in the region.

But there's some good news. Dale Rhoton, President Emeritus of OM Ships, says, "It looks like now, in December, the ship will be able to sail to Hong Kong."

The need for new generators didn't come as a surprise to the ministry.

"When we bought the ship over 10 years ago, we knew there were certain major things we would have to do, and this is one of them," explains Rhoton. By exchanging the ship's old generators for new ones that use heavier fuel, OM Ships will cut its costs significantly–a wise investment in the long run.

Instead of being frustrated by their prolonged stay in the Philippines, crew members took advantage of the many opportunities to engage in ministry.

"We saw good numbers of people not only coming to know the Lord, but then also wanting to be baptized and go through a discipleship program," Rhoton says.

After docking in the Philippines on April 9, the Logos Hope is scheduled to begin its journey to Hong Kong on December 11. Now that the ship can sail again, why are they headed for Asia?

"Where are the countries where we're seeing really huge breakthroughs?" asks Rhoton."They are China, they are India, a lot of Christians in Indonesia, even though it's a Muslim country."

OM ships travel the world supplying literature, helping people in need, motivating Christians, training young people, and sharing the Good News of God’s love. You can support their ministry financially by clicking here.

Prayer is another big help.

"One major prayer request that we've had for a long, long time is personnel-wise, we need a long-term chief engineer," says Rhoton. "It would be great to see the Lord put His hand on somebody and say, 'Look, go there for the next 15 years.'"

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