OM Ship ministry needs you

By November 15, 2011

USA (MNN) — The ship ministry of Operation Mobilization has had a busy year. The Logos Hope spent time in many of the countries where the world saw the Arab Spring bring down entire governments. OM's Myles Toews says the ship was in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates before it headed to Sri Lanka, India and now Malaysia.

Toews says they have couple of needs. One is for a marine engineer. "The shipping industry worldwide is suffering a shortage of trained marine personnel, but it affects us particularly hard because we're looking for people who will volunteer — give up great careers making lots of money" to serve the Lord full-time.

The other need? "We are looking for young people. And we actually have fewer American young people on-board now than we have had for many years. We're looking for people to come for two years."

OM is able to get into many of these port cities because they're invited by people in the country, or by the government. Since more than 50 nationalities are represented, it's a multicultural event. Since OM also serves as a floating book fair, it provides an important resource to these port cities in the form of family books, educational books, Bibles, and theological books.

If you're feeling called to serve, go to our Web site and we'll connect you to OM's work there.


  • respected i hear about your mission by alto of Evangelist and people who doing work for God i am blessed and son of Christ i wish to do work voluntary i am from Pakistan but now in Dubai doing work here so please if it is possible must be contact with me i want to spend my life in JESUS name

  • krishnadasan says:

    i would like to join om ship as a volentier. i am with skilled in photography and vodeo editing and music.

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