OM team helps orphans, rescues children

By January 22, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — In an effort to save lives in Haiti, Operation Mobilization has sent relief workers into a suburb of Port-au-Prince. OM will work with three orphanages that have yet to receive outside help.

Each orphanage building seems to have sustained the blows of the earthquake, but the children within them are in desperate need of food and water. The ministry has already begun relief work in one of the orphanages and has sent out a search and rescue team to another area.

The six-member search and rescue team is digging through the rubble of a collapsed school in hopes of saving some of the 2,000 students that were buried beneath it. The fact that this small emergency response group is the only rescue team conducting a search for these hundreds of students is just one more indicator of the magnitude of the catastrophe at hand.

Last Saturday, an OM staff member reached one of the three orphanages the ministry will aid. Since the massive earthquake, the orphanage has become home not only to its regular 119 orphans, but also to more than 300 people within the community who have sought the orphanage for refuge. When the OM staff member arrived, food and water were in low supply. He was able to obtain enough sustenance for the orphanage for at least a few days.

Although OM has not had a long-term presence in Haiti, the ministry has previously worked with these three orphanages in response to a 2008 hurricane. OM has worked in conjunction with a local church which has been able to establish relationships with the children there. OM now plans to continue providing necessities and aiding in long-term recovery for the three orphanages.

In the meantime, your prayers are needed. Please pray for the children buried beneath the school to be safely rescued and rehabilitated. Pray that the OM team in Haiti would have enough resources for the children and others who have found refuge within these three orphanages. Pray that their loving response in addition to the care exhibited by those in the local church would light the path to Jesus Christ.

To help orphans in Haiti through OM's efforts, click here.


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