OMS’ Evangelical Church of India quick to respond to tsunami needs.

By January 6, 2005

India (MNN)–Tsunami-hit India is still struggling to get the right relief supplies to the most needy people. That struggle has been made even more difficult by their refusal to accept outside help. They are, however, letting already established agencies assist.

OMS International’s Don Saum says they are funneling money and supplies in through the churches already on the ground. “It involves a kit of a tarpaulin with poles, cooking utensils, plates, tumblers, rice, clothing, 15 liters of water, and a small stove run by kerosene.”

Saum says their team was dedicating a new church just seven miles away from where the wave hit a fishing village. People started running because some of their loved ones were living in that village (Kolechal) which was hit by the tidal wave.

They quickly formed a relief team, which covered about 180 kilometers from Chennai to Cuddalore assessing damage in several villages but focused ministry in five villages that were totally destroyed. “We believe that as Christian love is demonstrated, that people will appreciate that. We trust that they’ll see the love of Christ there, and for some of them, on their own volition, that they’ll have the opportunity of hearing the Gospel.”

The total price to provide a complete kit to one family in India is $50.00 (USD). Since the government is not allowing outside agencies into India, a donation to OMS International’s India Relief Project is a simple way to place relief supplies directly into the hands of those in India devastated by this tragedy, and it will all be done in the name of Jesus Christ.

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