On Cyclone Idai’s heels, second cyclone barreling towards Mozambique

By April 25, 2019

Mozambique (MNN) — An intensifying cyclone is bearing down on Mozambique, just weeks after Cyclone Idai killed over 1,000 people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. As of Wednesday, Tropical Cyclone Kenneth clocked winds at 85 mph and is expected to make landfall sometime today just 620 miles north of Idai’s path.

Audio Scripture Ministries’ Joshua Harrison says the situation in Mozambique is dire after Cyclone Idai’s devastation. “The damage is still being tallied and we’re still trying to see the full ramifications to the infrastructure. It will probably take a very long time before things are normal in Mozambique.”

Idai cut a swath through almost 3,000 square miles of Mozambican farmland. Those who survived the storm now face starvation.

ASM is doing what they can to respond. “We’re trying to encourage people to replant to try for a second harvest, and we’re asking for God’s mercy and help with that — that people would be able to get a second harvest even though it’s late in the season,” Harrison says.

“We’re helping put together some seed packets with 25 pounds of seeds per family with corn, black-eyed peas, bean seeds, a hoe, a bush knife, and an audio Bible — just trying to provide what families might need to get a second start and to have that hope and encouragement in this time of great need.”


(Photo courtesy of ASM)

ASM’s audio Bibles are especially useful for Mozambicans who are oral learners. Also, their solar-powered nature means the audio Bibles aren’t incapacitated when extreme weather takes out a community’s power grid.

“We continue to hear the testimonies of those who are hearing God’s Word in their own heart language, and how that can affect the whole entire family as they’re hearing the hope of God’s Word, even amidst the difficulties they’re facing.”

Harrison shares, “We heard a story of one of our Compassionate Care patients who was listening to God’s Word in her own language through her audio Bible even amidst the cyclone. Even as she was waiting for help, she was listening to God’s Word through her own audio Bible.”

The ASM team in Mozambique just received a new shipment of 2,000 audio Bibles to distribute along with seed packets.

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(Photo courtesy of ASM)

“However, it is just a drop in the bucket,” Harrison says. “I mean, looking at the 400,000 to 500,000 people who have been displaced, it will be very easy to quickly distribute those where they’re needed, and we will soon be needing more. So we are praying that we would be able to soon provide another 1,000 audio Bibles or perhaps more because the need is very real.”

Several NGOs are helping in post-Idai recovery, but they will eventually leave. ASM served in Mozambique long before the storm struck, and they will be around long after other organizations pull out.

In addition to distributing seed packets and audio Bibles, ASM is also providing medical assistance. ASM’s Compassionate Care Coordinator Dara Vanden Bosch has been traveling with Doctor Rute — a Mozambican doctor and pastor — to reach people in rural areas who need urgent medical care.

Harrison asks, “Please continue to pray for our team as we prepare audio Bibles for distribution, that we would be able to place them where they’re most needed. There are such incredible needs right now and we have a limited number.

“Secondly, [pray] that God would really open the floodgates for our fundraiser for more audio Bibles for Mozambique in this time. We know that physical health is important and having our daily bread is very important, but having long-term spiritual sustenance [and] having the truth of God’s Word is paramount.

Seed packets with an audio Bible distributed by Audio Scripture Ministries in Mozambique. (Photo courtesy of ASM)

“I would also ask for prayer for Doctor Rute and for Dara Vanden Bosch as they travel and care for patients in rural areas that have been very heavily impacted by Cyclone Idai. We are trying to spread our teams out as much as possible and reach as many people who are in need as possible during this time.”

Just $65 gets one audio Bible and seed packet into the hands of a Mozambican family affected by Cyclone Idai.

Click here to support audio Bibles in Mozambique with ASM!

“The Mozambicans are such resilient, strong people,” says Harrison. “When they can put their trust and hope in God and hear His promises in their own language, it makes it so much easier to cling to the Lord’s promises.”



Header image courtesy of the NOAA.

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