On Eagles’ Wings summer 2013

By April 1, 2013

USA (MNN) — For over 20 years, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries has been going into Native American reservations and sharing the Gospel. Only 5% of Native Americans in the U.S. know Christ, and that is why there is a need for the ministry of On Eagles' Wings.

On Eagles' Wings uses unique teaching tools to minister to Native Americans and First Nations people. This summer they are again hosting their annual "Warrior Leadership Summit."

Ron Hutchcraft said there is a lot of momentum for this year's conference. "We will be having what we believe will be the largest Warrior Leadership Summit conference ever." He adds, "I don't think I have ever been a part of anything that seems more like the book of Acts, more truly life changing than this. Maybe because it's the only thing like it."

The conference will lead the attendees in large group praise and teaching sessions. Those who attend will be able to attend seminars and workshops on specific issues related to Native American and First Nations people. They will also hear from respected Native American Christian elders and learn from their stories of hope and faith in Jesus Christ.

Hutchcraft said, "We believe that there will be young people from as many as 100 nations–Indian nations–across North America who will be converging on a conference center. We will present Christ in a Native package, in a way that relates directly to the unique and amazing difficult challenges of being a Jesus-follower in a native culture today and dealing with the huge issues of life or death that these kids face every day."

After the conference, "a team of young Native Americans representing about 35 different tribes will go to ten reservations this summer." The young people will go to reservations through the month of July and bring the good news of Christ to the many Native American and First Nations people.

They will use sports, Christian music, games, and food to attract a crowd. Once they have the people's attention, they will share how Christ has given them hope and changed their lives through real life stories. Stories are memorable to the people and are a very acceptable way to share about Christ. Last year, over 800 people started a personal relationship with Christ on this tour.

With a mission like this one, prayer is needed. Hutchcraft said, "There is no way these victories get won without prayer." Pray that the conference will go well and that many will learn new and unique ways to share their faith. Also ask God to give the strength to the group touring to 10 different reservations. Pray that lives will be changed through On Eagles' Wings.

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