On the ground tsunami report from Indonesia

By January 10, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — Mission Network News has been reporting for two weeks now that the Asian tsunami disaster should open doors for Christians to share the Gospel. Today we’re happy to report that’s exactly what’s happening.

Speaking from Indonesia, Kevin Turner with Strategic World Impact says a group of Muslims collected food and other supplies for the victims, but didn’t have the money to deliver it. Turner says SWI provided the money with a message. “My colleague told this man that Christians love you. He looked with tears running down his face and said, ‘I didn’t know this about America. I didn’t know Christians loved us.’ And, right there we were able to share the Gospel with him.”

While this is an open door, it doesn’t mean there aren’t skeptics. Turner says there are Muslims who are lashing out against Christians in the wake of this tragedy. “Already they’ve burned a church down up there because the Muslims were blaming the Christians for the earthquake and tsunami. It’s a very delicate situation. Pray that God will just give us wisdom and discernment on how to best reach out and respond.”

Strategic World Impact is recruiting volunteers to go to the region to help on a short term missions trip. “We have short term missions applications on the web site. They can down load them and see if they can be a part of a relief team, opportunities for people to pray and of course there’s a massive need for people to give,” says Turner.

You can contact or donate to Strategic World Impact on-line at http://www.SWI.org or call toll free in the U-S, 877-TEAM-SWI.

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