One audio Bible multiplies believers

By July 22, 2010

Mozambique (MNN) — What can one audio Bible do? It can
transform a congregation of one into 42 enthusiastic and growing believers.

This is exactly what happened in a church in Mozambique when
Audio Scripture Ministries sent them an audio Bible. In June 2009, the church
consisted of only one believer. Today, a year later, one Bible has led 41 more
people to Christ.

Now, 800 more audio Bibles are being distributed across
Mozambique. Just think of how many more people could come to Christ through
these copies of Scripture.

As these Bibles are distributed, ASM's Sergio coordinates
readers and technicians for recording projects across Mozambique.

Pray for the distribution of audio Bibles, as Sergio works
with nationals to record even more. Pray that each Bible will be openly received and
lead many more seekers to Christ.

Click here to join ASM's work in Mozambique or other areas around the
world, as they record and distribute Bibles to people who have never heard of
Christ's love.

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