‘One Brick’ project making headway

By February 2, 2011

Mozambique (MNN) — A new recording studio project is making headway in Mozambique.

Mozambique is filled with people hungry for God's Word. The only problem is that 48 percent of those people can't read. Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) has stepped in to fill that gap with audio versions of the Bible.

ASM's recording studio on the third floor of a Bible college has received such a big response that the studio has had to expand. Enter "One Brick at a Time."

In our last update with ASM's "One Brick at a Time" project, the program had just gotten land for a new studio and had begun to raise funds. Since then, the project has made progress to move toward a larger studio to increase production.

The first bit of good news comes with the relocation of ASM missionary Chad V. Chad had been working in Holland, Michigan with ASM until he left for Xia-Xia Mozambique to help with the new project last month. Chad is experienced in audio technology, graphic design and computer programming. He will add greatly to the progress of the new studio, as well as to new locations across Africa.

Other leaps for the new studio include working on legal and practical steps to get it up and running. The sooner those are taken care of, the sooner the Gospel can get out to the people of Mozambique.

A further step forward has been the growing number of people willing to provide gifts to get the studio in motion. "One Brick at a Time" encourages believers to donate $10 for each of the 9,000 bricks that will go into building the new studio. The ministry is still far from reaching their $90,000 goal, but progress is being made.

If you would like to donate $10 to take care of one brick in this new studio, click here. The development of a studio will allow the Gospel to go out to more people across Mozambique, and with greater speed.

Pray for the continued success of this project. Pray for Chad as he enters a new culture and territory, and pray for Sergio, the director of the current studio in Xia-Xia. Pray that the fruits of their work would be shown in lives saved as they hear the Word of God.


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