One Kid, One Bible in Ghana

By September 2, 2014
What does sponsorship mean for a child? (Photo courtesy of IN Network)

What does sponsorship mean for a child? (Photo courtesy of International Needs)

Ghana (MNN) — Any Christian should be concerned when they hear that a Bible is luxury for someone who wants to learn about Jesus. Well, that’s true for many individuals.

International Needs supports 10 schools in the Volta Region of Ghana where 6,000 children, many supported by sponsors like you, are getting a Christian Education.

Rody Rodeheaver of International Needs says, “Ghana is one of our programs that has a high emphasis on education. It started as a program that was working with the trokosi slave girls.”

The schools provide education for the children of slave girls and for the communities in the Volta Region.

Rodeheaver says, “It’s an area where there’s a high level of poverty, a high level of illiteracy. So to be able to put children in a school is a very major thing, and we’re doing that through our child sponsorship program.”

While an education could spell a different future for these children, International Needs wants to address their eternal future as well. They plan to do this through their One Kid, One Bible campaign.

“One of the things that we really wanted to accomplish was to put a Bible in the hand of every one of those children as well as every teacher. This is a very poor area, and having a Bible is really a luxury,” says Rodeheaver.

Not only do the children get an education, they get to hear about their Savior. (Photo courtesy of IN Network)

Not only do the children get an education, they get to hear about their Savior. (Photo courtesy of International Needs)

He explains that when they distribute these Bibles, they will have the ability to start a Bible Club that teaches students and teachers how to read them.

“It’s not just purchasing Bibles–which is very important in getting those to those children, but it is that extra step that helps them learn how to read it and how to apply it.”

Rodeheaver says the students are matched with teachers and mentors in the school to be discipled.

“Not only will they graduate from school with an education, but they will graduate from school with a knowledge of the Scripture that will help them all through their lives apply God’s work and help them make decisions.”

By late July, International Needs had raised the funds needed to provide Bibles to the children of the school–a cost of around $150,000.

Rodeheaver says there are two ways you can help. “We need to pray the Bibles will be in en route and will be in the hands of those children, hopefully, in the first part of September when those kids go back to school.”

The other thing you can do is to sponsor a child. Sponsorship provides an education and an opportunity to learn about Christ. Get connected here.

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