One last step before Arabic Keys For Kids becomes a reality

By June 1, 2018

Middle East (MNN) — Keys For Kids devotionals are about to be translated into Arabic, but there’s one last obstacle to hurdle.

Both translation and transcription are mostly going well. Greg Yoder of Keys For Kids says the devotionals are being translated by SAT-7, and most aspects of the project are taken care of.

“We have the team in place, we have the production element teams in place, we have the actors who are going to be the voice portions of the devotionals in Arabic; we have everything set up. We just don’t have the funds to pay SAT-7 to do the work,” Yoder says.

“It is going to cost us to do some production elements, to get the Keys for Kids recorded to inspire children to actively pursue the Word of God.”

A Storyteller audio player. (Photo and header photo courtesy of Keys for Kids)

At just around $1,000 a month, Yoder says the project will be surprisingly affordable thanks to SAT-7’s generosity, but they still need a boost to finish translation.

“With the proper funding, which is less than $12,000, we would be able to fully fund this production element and get Keys for Kids not only into the Egyptian type of Arabic but other dialects of Arabic as well.”

In total, SAT-7 is going to do 3-4 dialects of Arabic. That means they’ll be able to reach around 500 million Muslim children.

“What better time than now to encourage people to get involved in the Keys for Kids Arabic program? Our desire is to reach 1.3 billion kids who need Jesus, and the majority of those are in the 10/40 window, and that includes the Middle East.”

It’s also good timing. Ramadan is happening right now, and as Yoder says, “It’s the holiest time of year for Muslims. Even children that are practicing Muslims are trying to become better so that they can become more acceptable to their God.”

Why not help out? You can pray Keys for Kids can have wisdom when it comes to spending money and can cultivate more relationships with organizations for outreach. There are also plenty of ongoing projects you could support here, including a total of 10 ongoing translations for devotionals, new SAT-7 programming using Keys For Kids material, and these Arabic translations.

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