One man makes it all happen with the help of Hopegivers

By September 11, 2007

Haiti (MNN) —  After a difficult trip to Haiti, God encouraged the team from Hopegivers International by showing them what He's been doing since their last visit.

Before Hopegivers' trip in early June, they hadn't visited since November 2006. "Just to see the progression in a year is just mind-boggling," said Robbie Brumberg of Hopegivers.

The school's enrollment has grown from just over 400 to 823 this year, and a new well benefits as many as 1,000 people in the community. "Pastor Willio is able to tell them about the Lord when they come and get fresh water for the day," said Brumberg.

Both the new well and the school's expansion to fit the exploding number of students was done with the help of Hopegivers' sponsors. 

All this growth has contributed to increasing numbers for church attendance, as well. "The church has really just grown exponentially in the last several months. Pastor Willio probably has about 200 members there now, and people come from all over just to hear him speak. They know that he's running the orphanage and he's running the school now, and he's got a fresh water well at his place."

The growth hasn't stopped there. Pastor Willio has also taken in nine new children at the orphanage in Ouanaminthe, and the lack of space isn't confining his desire to help even more. "So many go on without education, without any kind of shelter, without any food, and we want to be able to take in more kids. We've got about 30 now, but Pastor Willio has expressed a desire to take in at least 100. To do that, we're going to need a bigger orphanage," said Brumberg.

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